European activities in the framework of Digital Treasures Project
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Archives are fundamental sources for discovering, learning about and reinforcing shared culture and history. "European Digital Treasures" is a project that aims at contributing towards major visibility, outreach and (re)use of joint European archival heritage, in particular in its digital version.

Led by the State Archives of Spain, the project's consortium includes several State/National Archives (Spain, Hungary, Malta, Norway and Portugal) as well as renowned European institutions such as the International Centre for Archival Research (ICARUS, Austria) and Munster Technological University (Ireland).

This project was selected in 2018 by the European Commission Agency "The Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency (EACEA)" within the Creative Europe-Culture Programme to address some key challenges related to the management and transmission of historical and documentary heritage within the digital society.

We are seeking to develop new business models for European archives in the 21st century, to amplify the visibility of national archives within the larger context of the European heritage, to reach out to new audiences and to support cross-sectoral initiatives by managers, historians, experts, graphical and industrial designers as well as archivists.

In this presentation we intend to present the big variety of activities in order to reach the project goals some of them finalized and others running nowadays:

  • The pan-European diagnosis of the state of the Arts about new business models for European archives.
  • International Benchmark of Good Practices on new Business Models aims to identify Good Practices and new trends in the management of cultural institutions, in order to be able to assess their potential and implementation towards the Archives subsector
  • The contribution of new digital technologies towards the generation of new business models for archives.
  • Collaboration between Serious game and archives.
  • Artistic Residence & exchanges for graphic and industrial designers. The purpose of this activity is to identify potential creative merchandising products linked to some selected documents of the archives with an encounter of graphic and industrial designers.
  • Interactive transmedia exhibitions based on archival material.
  • Archival literacy online course. It is a sustainable and attractive tool linked to young user education on how to use archives (archival literacy).
  • Pan-European joint fields of interest between the archives and the younger generation as well as retired people.
  • Crowdsourcing activities collaborating with the silver generation.
  • Contests focusing on new audiences like “Young Digital Treasures” oriented towards high school students and Treasures in Archives aim at the audio-visual public.


In short, we want to demonstrate with the presentation of this project that European archives can cross the borders of the analogue world with new digital solutions, which allow them to reach society more widely.

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