Private records and a public archive. Reflecting Estonian society
Gristel Ramler  1  , Birgit Kibal  1  
1 : National Archives of Estonia

Collections of the National Archives of Estonia (NAE) cover both the records of state institutions and the archives of significant individuals and organizations which describe the society throughout every period in past. Acquiring of private records is a part of the acquisition policy of the NAE that is also an active and flexible partner to the private persons and organizations for to avoid randomness while replenishing its collections. Multiple of our initiatives of acquisition have been addressed to acquiring of documents describing some crucial historical processes. As the continuity of the Republic of Estonia persisted in 1940–1991 outside Estonia, our acquisition focus has widened even beyond the geographical borders of Estonia. 

Acquisition of private records can be carried out successfully in cooperation with the owners of private records only. In the 21st century, there a majority of documents are born-digital, consultation and guidance mark a key role for to prevent a demolition of any significant information. Considering Estonia's smallness, the NAE has a task as well as an honour to support the archives created on a private initiative, including the private archives of composer Arvo Pärt and president Lennart Meri.

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